North Cyprus Guide

North Cyprus History

North Cyprus is Often described as a corner of the earth touched by heaven!! Very few visitors to North Cyprus Island are not touched by friendly and warm welcome of Cypriot people, the relaxed peace of life and beautiful Northern Cyprus natural scenery.

The rich history of the North Cyprus Island plays a large part in its beauty. Over the centuries it has passed through the hands of many cultures such as the Persians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines, Lusignan, Venetians, Ottomans and British all of which have left their mark which is evident in the wide variety of ancient architecture in North Cyprus.

The British colonial era which ended in 1960 is certainly still evident and most Turkish Cypriots speak English to some extent which most helpful to those newcomers to North Cyprus who have not mastered the Turkish language yet!!

Nowhere else can you find such a superb balance between modern western Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean’s easy pace of life. Whether you are enjoying a drink at one of the modern cafes, restaurants bars, clubs and five star Hotels in North Cyprus. The soothing call to prayers from the ancient mosques is often there to bring the warm peace and serenity only found in western Asia.

Weather in North Cyprus

North Cyprus Island is of an extreme Mediterranean type with hot dry summers and relatively cold winters. There are four seasons in the year. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Most rainfalls are concentrated between December and January. The sea temperature in North Cyprus never falls under 16°C around January and February. In August is about 29°C on the central plain, able to culminate at the average maximum of 42°C in these months. Temperatures in January is around 10°C on the central plain and 5°C on the higher parts of the Northern Cyprus Kyrenia mountains.

The sky is cloudless with a low humidity. During the wet winter months Cyprus, a green Island. Frost and snow are almost unknown in North Cyprus. The higher mountain areas are cooler and moister than the rest of the Island.

Airports in Cyprus

There are frequent scheduled and charter flights out of England and other European countries to Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. Your arrival in North Cyprus will be either into national airport of the TRNC, Ercan International airport or to Larnaca International airport.

Ercan International Airport

Ercan International airport is an International airport situated near Nicosia, North Cyprus. More than 90 flights per week arrive to North Cyprus Ercan airport during the summer season. There are no direct flights to Ercan airport, the flights touch down to Turkey before proceeding to Northern Cyprus. From Turkey you can choose from a number of scheduled flights from Istanbul, Izmir, Adana or Antalya.  At the moment, Turkish airlines, Pegasus airlines, Ezyjet airlines fly from to Ercan airport from London Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport. Flying time from UK to Ercan is a total 6 hours. Turkish airlines fly from Stanstead airport to Ercan airport. Flight touchdown in Istanbul; however, change of aircraft is not required.

Larnaca International Airport

Larnaca airpot is an International airport located in Larnaca, in the southern part of Cyprus. Larnaca airport is accessible from many airports across the UK, Ireland Europe, United States and Australia. The flight from the UK and Europe is approximately 4 hours’ direct flight. The driving distance from Larnaca airport to Nicosia North side of Cyprus which we are located. Once you arrive to Nicosia border which you will pass threw from the Greek side to the Turkish side, you will present to the border immigration officers your passport to be able to enter the Turkish side which is North Cyprus Nicosia.